Remote Employee Document Collection

09 Apr Secure Shredding and Storage for Employees Working from Home

Due to the situation caused by novel coronavirus COVID-19, more employees are telecommuting and working from home. Any data or confidential information that is handled by remote employees is at a higher risk of security concerns, such as email phishing or fraud. To reduce this risk and maintain office confidentiality for telecommuting employees, All Source suggests that they be instructed on the safe handling of confidential data and that they are provided with the tools needed to ensure office confidentiality from the comfort of their own home. All Source can provide these tools with Personal Document Containers and Seal ‘N Shred Bags.

Security Comes with a Seal ‘N Shred Bag

For secure shredding and convenience for remote employees, All Source recommends Seal ‘N Shred Bags. They are 100 percent recyclable and come in a standard 6 gallon size to store a large amount of confidential documents prior to shredding. To ensure that security and confidentiality is maintained, any documents placed in a Seal ‘N Shred Bag never need to be removed for shredding. Instead, the entire bag can be safely and effectively shredded – simply fill it with any documents that need to remain secure or confidential and shred away. 

Maintain Office Confidentiality for Remote Employees

As more employees are working from home during the current state of emergency caused by novel coronavirus disease COVID-19, there is an increased risk of security concerns and breaches in office confidentiality. Seal ‘N Shred Bags are a safe and secure shredding option for telecommuting employees, and All Source’s Personal Document Containers are equipped with a tamper evident lid to clearly indicate if there has been a security risk (you can also buy a PDC through the All Source Security Container Shop). This ensures that any important or confidential documents can be safely stored prior to their destruction – even by employees who work from home for an extended period of time. 

To learn more about All Source’s Seal ‘n Shred Bags or Personal Document Containers – or to place an order – please contact us at 1-866-526-4579 or visit us online and complete our contact form. 

Secure Storage is Important While Cleaning Up Old Data

During the coronavirus state of emergency, there may be a lull in the rate of business for companies in many different industries. This may provide some with the unique opportunity to clean up old data and get rid of obsolete records. However, while cleaning house, security risks can easily occur if data and records are not properly stored prior to their destruction. It is important not only that employees are equipped with the proper tools for secure document storage, but also that they are informed on the best practices for maintaining document security while working from home. 

A few tips from All Source on maintaining office security for your telecommuting employees:

  • Ensure they are able to store confidential documents securely while working remote
  • Instruct them to only use the communications devices and pathways mandated by the company
  • Ensure that they have access to secure shredding on a sufficient basis
  • Encourage them to bring any possible security concerns to attention