PDC for Lazy Toss

23 Aug Liability and the Lazy Toss

We have all been there. We don’t want to get out of our chair to talk to a colleague or we don’t want to walk our drink can down to the cafeteria to put in the right bin. We all have our days, or hours before enough caffeine, when we just don’t want to get up. That phone call or can won’t likely lead to a law-suit. The confidential information on a desk or in an un-secured container could. In an open container, it easy to discover the private information on that document. In today’s world, privacy is taken very seriously. Liability and the financial fines for privacy violations are steep. Unfortunately, the lazy toss is just too easy – and it only takes one.


Liability is a complex and mostly expensive topic. Liability is being responsible for something. This often has more to do with what wasn’t done than what was done. Negligence is the failure to take the proper care in doing something. Having confidential information in an open container is very hard to defend against in litigation. The best answer to an expensive  liability situation is to avoid one. A liability situation can be avoided by making sure people have access to the right bin in the right location.

Large, secure collection carts are often tucked away from the public eye. Locations such as these make them inconvenient for your staff — especially when they are busy and in a rush. These large containers should be fed the documents collected in the smaller “feeder” secure containers. What if we all had convenient and discreet secure containers under all of our work stations?  With a paper slot right under the desk it would be easy to dispose of confidential information quickly and efficiently.

Solution to the Lazy Toss

Don’t take the risk, use All Source Security Containers MFG has the solution to this common problem with compliant deskside containers.  Shredinators of various heights fit perfectly under your workstations. The Personal Document Container (PDC) offers a small, light weight product that secures document collection as well. Therefore, with all these solutions, there is no reason for a document to ever meet the fate of a “lazy toss” again.