E-recycling with All Source containers - Financial Benefit

24 Oct E-Recycling – Financial Benefit

Electronic waste is a reality in today’s world. Called Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) has an estimated growth rate of 3% to 5% annually.  Devices, from cell phones to laptops to TVs are short lived commodities.  What happens to these devices when we replace them? Approximately 30 to 50 million tones of WEEE are disposed of globally each year. E-Recycling is quickly becoming as important as recycling plastics, paper, and metal. Recently we took a look at the environmental impact of e-recycling, however that is not the only reason to recycle electronics. There is yet another benefit; there is literally gold in there. If the environmental benefits were not enough to get you excited about e-recycling let’s talk about the financial benefits.

E-Recycling – what can be salvaged?

So, what is in old electronics?  Electronics contain both hazardous and non-hazardous substances. For the environment the main focus is on making sure the hazardous waste does not pollute the ground, air, or water. From a financial perspective the value is in the non-hazardous substances.  Aluminium, Copper, Germanium, Gold, Iron, Lithium, Nickel, Silicon, Tin, Zinc and more are all used in various electronic devices.

E-Recycling – Is there money in it?

Is it worth it?  Definitely! Each device contains very small amounts of precious metals.  However, with almost 500 million cell phones sold in just one quarter of 2015  it quickly adds up.  The trick is getting the metals out efficiently and safely – both for workers and for the environment. Certified electronic recycling companies erase sensitive information from the devices and then break them down to safely extract and recycle everything of value. The overall potential revenues from e-recycling exceed 2 billion Euro ($2.2 Billion in USD).

One thing is for sure, managing WEEE is better than old devices ending up in a landfill. Both for the environment and your pocket book.  The first step in the methodology of managing WEEE is collection. Give us a call to discuss our e-recycling containers and how we can help you make e-recycling profitable.