Defender HC37

14 May Defender HC: Your solution for LARGE volume environments

The Defender HC collection is for companies that have a large volumes of sensitive information, destined for document destruction. This collection of security containers is also great for the recycling of electronics and in industrial settings that may involve liquids. You can increase your efficiency and reduce costs when it comes to collecting both a large and heavy volume of sensitive documents.
The Defender HC container is a multi-purpose container which can be utilized for numerous applications. With its 175 gallon capacity it’s great for large item collection. It has been purposely built to carry a higher load while maintaining efficient collection practices. With that in mind, it can be used for more than just paper collection within the document destruction industry.
This multi-functional container can be used for the collection of old cell phones, hard drives, garbage collection, organics, laundry collection, and storage. It can also be used to hold plastics, metal, cardboard and other recyclables. It can be used in many different industries and settings as well. From schools, hotels, restaurants to warehouses, apartment building and factories.
DefenderHC06In the document destruction industry, shredders will place this cart at a location which will work in place of multiple smaller collection containers. This will allow for less trips to pick up the full container. This is a cost effective solution for large volume environments. The Defender HC has 8” solid rubber wheels which allows this large container to move with ease. It also has 2 foot breaks to ensure the cart remains stationary and will not roll when placed on an incline. It has easy grip handles on the lid, customizable lid openings are available in a variety of shapes to suit any need, a double hasp locking system for added security, and a drain plug for easily emptying liquids.
The Defender High Capacity collection container is the perfect bulk collection container to assist in numerous industries. With all of this versatility, it makes this container a beneficial asset to any company in any industry. To review this container, including more in depth usage and a closer analysis on how this container can build and diversify your business, please contact us! Place your order today!