Medical PPE Disposal Containers

30 Mar Contaminated Medical PPE Disposal Containers from All Source

For over 15 years, All Source has provided durable shred bins and security containers to the healthcare industry, various government sectors, and North American businesses that value secure storage. We are currently responding to the Government’s call to action for combating novel coronavirus disease COVID-19, by helping hospitals meet their increased need for the safe disposal of contaminated medical PPE.

All Source carries secure storage bins of various sizes that are effective disposal containers for contaminated medical PPE and help make workplace sanitization easier. Our secure storage bins can be custom fitted with a lid to match your exact specifications and needs, allowing healthcare professionals to easily dispose of their contaminated PPE in the safest way possible.


Contaminated Healthcare PPE During a State of Emergency

The ongoing worldwide health crisis has created an increased need for the safe disposal of contaminated PPE in the healthcare industry. Safely discarding contaminated medical PPE and maintaining sanitization is always a high concern for healthcare professionals, but during this extreme influx of contagious patients an even greater need for safe disposal has become necessary. Not only for safety, which is of course the highest priority, but also for peace of mind and ease of use for frontline healthcare professionals. The less time and effort required to safely dispose of contaminated healthcare PPE the better.

Safe Disposal with a Custom Fit Lid from All Source

Secure storage bins from All Source come in various sizes, including the Defender 95G, the Defender 65G, and the Defender 32G. For safe and easy disposal of contaminated medical PPE, All Source will custom fit a lid onto our secure storage bins to match the exact safety needs you require. This helps make sanitization easier and enables frontline healthcare workers to dispose of their used PPE items in a secure and reliable manner. These items include: gloves, masks, gowns, visors, medical disposal tools etc.

To learn more about the safe disposal of contaminated healthcare PPe from All Source, or to place an order, contact us directly at 1-866-526-4579 or fill out our contact form online. We prioritize all orders coming from the healthcare industry.

To Place an Order Contact All Source Directly

All Source works directly with the healthcare industry in both Canada and the United States to ensure that contaminated PPE can be safely stored and easily removed. All of our products have been designed with security, safety, and confidentiality in mind, and are an incredible help to frontline medical workers who are regularly changing and disposing their contaminated PPE. Secure storage for contaminated items can be further enhanced with a custom fit lid, since it is designed to meet the customer’s exact needs for disposing of specific waste items. A custom fit lid is also a welcome addition for making sanitization easier, as it allows healthcare professionals to focus more of their time on helping their patients. 

For any product inquiries or order requests, All Source can be reached by both Canadian and American healthcare companies toll free at 1-866-526-4579. We are prioritizing all healthcare orders to help combat the current situation. All Source can also be reached through our online contact form.