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25 Jul Eliminate The Busy Toss with a Compliant Container

We have all heard of the “lazy toss” where information that should be kept confidential and secure gets tossed into the trash instead of a secure and compliant container.  In an unsecured container, that document can easily fall prey to prying eyes, or can be taken by anybody with access.  This is one of the original causes of an information breach.  In today’s world, fines amount annually to over 10 million dollars from HIPAA violations; with the ramp up in OCR audits, compliance is essential.

Sometimes it’s not laziness that results in a document being disposed of in the wrong container. There is also the “busy toss”.  This is when information that should be kept confidential and secure makes it to the trash, not due to laziness, but due to not having the right container in the right place.  Health facilities have long been aware of the need to protect personal health information.  For the most part, document destruction is well handled and there are excellent shredding programs in place to manage it.

Large, locked collection carts are tucked away from the public eye for security reasons. This also means they may be in a location that is not convenient or easily accessible for busy staff. These containers should be reserved for the collection of documents from smaller “feeder” secure containers. What if we had discreet, convenient, and secure containers under every nursing station?  With a paper slot right under the desk it would be easy to dispose of confidential PHI quickly and efficiently.

All Source Security Containers produces the solution to this common problem with a compliant container.  Shredinators of various heights are one solution to fit perfectly under your stations. The PDC offers an even smaller and light weight solution to secure document collection as well.  With all these solutions, there is no reason for a document to ever meet the fate of a “busy toss” again.